Sunday, July 17, 2011

bermulanya disini :)

ha lame suda xupdate blog ni kn?
err bz sikit la... oh ye dyh ade something nk share laa
hahhaa... nk tau ape??
okkk dyh dpt twrn smbung blaja kt UTeM..
alhamdulillah akhirnye termakbul jugak doa dyh!
wlaupn dpt kos bkn pihan dyh tp still bersyukur
da rezeki,, so terima jela...
psni no more accountant okayy!! but marketing!!
hahaha marketing exec mybe! hahahaha
btw,, thnks allah give me the truth way!
yes i'm really know that is a faith! n i'll accept on this!
ok memandangkan da jd student kt sne
so dyh terpkse la berpisah ngn family ag..
hua!!! 4taun der!!! alamak ai lame tu
tp xpela oleh kerana rmai gile yg xbenti nk support dyh
so dyh xnk hampakn mereka
dyh jnji ngn diri dyh xnk main ag!
da cukup main kt matrik dlu... hukhuk
now da azam bru...
my mum n my dad berharap sgt dyh dpt tunaikn hasrat dieorg!
umi n abah :: sori sgt2 owg xdpt jd akauntan laa da dpt marketing...
hopefully dyh dpt la kwn yg baik kt sne 6t
n insyaallah dyh akn bg segulung ijazah utk umi n abah yg tersygggg!!!

err bila da dpt twrn sume sibuk nk survey kos masing2
hehehe termasuk dyh sekali
da berhari2 mengadap lappy ni
semata2 nk survey!
hehehe btw kos dyh dpt tu xde la teruk sgt
okk la gk dr xok lgsg! hakhak!
ha ni la hasil nya! huhuhu.. ok la kn?? 
bila tgk subject die tu alamak ai nk pengsan jap!
huhuhu... btw wish me luck k!

 The integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of technological products, processes and services, a better definition would be the management of the use of technology for human advantage.

The Bachelor in Technology Management Program is unique in that it combines the development of essential business principles and skills with an emphasis on the fundamental role that technology plays in managing the business enterprise. Unlike traditional business programs, the Bachelor in Technology Management Program immerses students in case studies on integrating new technology, the benefits of technology infrastructure, and problem solving through technology. This specialized knowledge of technology as a problem solving tool and change driver allows Technology Management graduates to develop into more effective managers and leaders, and to adapt more readily to changes in the marketplace.
Subject knowledge Graduates of the course are expected to be able to:

  • contribute within industry to technical projects as an individual or as team members; * contribute to the analysis, synthesis, practice, business and management tasks in a science or engineering-based enterprise;
  • understand the structure, operation and responsibilities, and business culture of a company or organisation;
  • appreciate the responsibilities, roles, attitudes, values, priorities, judgement and work methods of practising professional scientists, technologists or engineers;
  • contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship within an organisation;
  • understand quality assurance processes;
  • communicate effectively in a range of technical and business situations; and
  • understand the internal and external business environment of science or engineering-based enterprises.
Penetration of high technologies in all spheres of technopreurship  activity has radically changed    the  world  social and economic experience, increased globalization of economy, forced consumerization growth and required the revision of traditional approaches to "supplier-customer" relationships. Within  the environment of stiff competition and higher customer demands, these relationships should achieve a completely different level in order to become a real source of revenue growth and decrease in costs of new clients acquisition in the long-term. To succeed in business it is crucial for any company particularly on high-tech markets such as telecommunications, IT and media to build long-term client  relationships and to retain customers.
Enter the heart of today's High-Tech Marketing with Faculty of Technology Management & Technopreneurship (FPTT), Bachelordegree programs.  Discover all the ways that FPTT can help you take advantage of emerging opportunities and successfully meet the challenges and demands of today's highly competitive business environmen. Our program is  re-knowned.
The course provides for the creation  and marketing of high-tech products, the tools necessary for successfully managing the challenges  and explore the opportunities of today’s turbulent marketplace. The course also examines  how investments in loyalty technologies provide the best client’s  retention and become one of the main sources of firm’s market capitalization growth. Should firms invest? How to make these investments effective? What are the specific features of customer behavior on the high-tech market after purchase? What instruments ensure the success of such relations? Are there any success stories and best practices?


You will learn from faculty with strong academic credentials as well as diverse professional experience. Classes are small enough to allow for close personal contacts with lecturers and course mates. The highly diversified student composition on the program transforms projects and team work into precious multi-cultural learning experiences that develops skills , vital in a career in marketing management. The teaching approach is applied and participatory: real projects with businesses are carried out so students are operational, and employable.
The specialization tracks, the large number of electives on offer and the internship mean you can customize the program to suit yourself and your career in high-tech marketing.

On graduation, you will be able to approach marketing with intelligence and creativity; manage uncertainty; make better marketing decisions by understanding consumer behavior; account for marketing budgets and return on marketing investments; analyze the profitability of customers and segments; generate profit in markets internationally; use analytics as a source of real competitive advantage; understand strategic brand and product management


This program opens the door to a range of careers in marketing, sales and business development: marketing research, trend agencies, communication and events agencies, marketing or product managers, trade marketing or category managers, sales and business development, key account managers, and purchasing.The program also prepares students for careers in large firms where they will begin in sales development and later move into marketing positions.

In an SME or start-up, graduates would be ideally placed to become a sales and marketing manager with a strong business development approach and especially suited to jobs in international market development. 
Discover all the ways that Keller can help you take advantage of emerging opportunities and successfully meet the challenges and demands of today's highly competitive business environments

Semester 1  
Semester 2 
BACW 1322Socio-Economic Development Malaysia2W BLHW 2712Ethnic Relations2W
BLHW 1702TITAS2W BPTU 1033Technopreneurship3F
BLHW 1722Philosophy of Science and Technology2W BPTP 1033Principles of Accounting and Finance3P
BPTU 1013Business and Organisational Management3F BPTP 1043Principles of Marketing3P
BPTU 1023Management of Technology3F BPTP 1053Business Statistics3P
BPTP 1013Business Mathematics3P BPTP 1063Human Resource Management andTechnology3P
BPTP 1023Principles of Economics3P  TOTAL17
Semester 3  
 Semester 4 
BLHW 2402Technical Communication I2W  Third Language2W
BKK ***Co-curriculum I2W BKK ***Co-Curriculum II2W
BPTP 2073Business Laws3P BPTG 2013Manaufacturing Process3P
BPTP 2083Information Systems Management3P BPTG 2023Fundamentals  of Energy Management3P
BPTP 2093Operations Management3P BPTG 2033Database3P
BPTP 2313Consumer Behavior3K BPTP 2333Marketing and Distribution Channel3K
BPTP 2323R&D Management and Commercialisation3K BPTP 2343Supply Chain Management3K

Semester 5 
Semester 6 

BLHW 3402Technical Communication II2W BLHW 4032Critical and Creative Thinking2W
BPTU 3043Business Plan3F BPTP 3103Research Methods3P
BPTG 3043Electric and Electronic Practices3P BPTP 3373International Merketing3K
BPTG 3053Introduction to Manufacturing Systems3P BPTP 3383High Technology Marketing Strategy3K
BPTP 3353Branding and Packaging Technology3K BPTP 3393High Technology Marketing Research3K
BPTP 3363Promotion and Advertising Technology3K  Elective I3E
Semester 7 Semester 8 
BPTU 4053Industrial Training3F BPTU 4076Undergraduate Project6F
BPTU 4063Industrial Training Report3F  Elective 23E
 TOTAL6  Elektif 3Elective 3E


W : University Compulsory Subjects
F : Core Faculty Subjects
P : Core Program Subjects
K : Core Course Subjects
E : Elective

and tahniah kpd kwn2 yg dpt smbg blaja~
terpisah jauhh lagi la kami semua! hukhuk
n syukur sgt2 dak tutor dyh sume dpt smbg blaja
boo dpt ukm kos acc la ape lagi! hehehe
hafiqah dpt ukm gk tp kos perbankan islam asenye
mai dpt uitm dungun!hahah jd org ganu la mai yer!! kosnye perbankan islam
azila dpt uum, acc.. hahaha tercapai gk cita2 die.. isi borg sekali ngn dyh tu.. tp xpela da rezeki die kn
ekin lak bakal cikgu pendidikan awl knk2~ hehe yela die kn dpt upsi
urm jaja dpt marketing tp xsure ktne.. heheh
nisa dpt kt unimas kos nye ekonomi ase nye...
n last sekali sue! die dpt unimap! kos keusahawan & kejuruteraan<sekali ngn my bff>
ok nk tnjuk ckit pic bkal2 graduan ni~~ hahaa<masuk pn x ag,,>
pic ni mse tamao ade ag.. sory jaja ngn nisa xde..hehehe

ok la tu kn?? sume dpt smbg... 4 a1t4b, sori dyh pn xwape tau~
n kpd yg xdpt tu,, jgn sedih2 ye
insyaallah ade tu rezeki
tuhan da atur sume nye~<hehehe nk ceramah jap>
oh ye lupe nk ucp gud luck n tahniah kpd sume yg dpt~

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